Sauvez le soldat Bo'z

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Sauvez le soldat Bo'z

Message par Krg le Mar 26 Juil - 9:24

Je relaie l'information que je viens de remarquer sur le site de Bojidar Dimitrov

Il lance un appel à un fan motivé, désirant passer la main sur la gestion de son site:

" Looking for the biggest Pentax fan out there
Dear Pentax friends, it's difficult to write these words, but the time has come to "pass the relay" to someone else, someone with enough time and motivation to take over this web page and bring it back to glory. If you feel like this is you, or someone you know, get in touch with me. Let me know why you think you will do a great job with the KMP and point out 1-2 web-based projects which you've conceived and implemented.

Ce n'est pas moi qui saurai le faire, mais je crois qu'il faut relayer sa requête.

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Re: Sauvez le soldat Bo'z

Message par Mistral75 le Lun 23 Jan - 23:17

C'est fait, le soldat Bojidar est sauvé :

Bojidar DImitrov a écrit:
A bright new future for the KMP

Dear readers of the KMP, I have some exciting news for you. I have found an excellent group of Pentax fans who will take over the KMP and will update and extend it with all new and old equipment, making sure that the KMP gives you all the technical information you need related to your favorite equipment. I expect that in about 1 month we will be able to present to you the new KMP!

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